Which Of These Is The Best Dental Insurance Policy?

If you’re wondering who offers the best dental insurance you may be in for a big surprise. The reason that I say this is because the best dental insurance isn’t insurance at all. All right, all right, I’m not making sense to some of you. Let me explain myself and maybe I can make it a bit more clear for you.

You see, the reason I said that is because for some conditions it’s absolutely true. The other option that you have besides dental insurance is called a discount dental plan and this, not insurance, is your best option if you are in need of a dentist right away and you don’t already have insurance. Here’s why.

Dental insurance does not cover any condition that already existed before you bought your policy. If you walk into an insurance agency and tell them that you want to buy a policy because you have a cavity that needs to be fixed, they’re going to tell you that they’ll gladly sell you a policy, however, you’ll be on your own for that tooth until you’ve gone through a mandatory waiting period of twelve months. Even then you won’t be covered 100%.

Discount plans don’t work like insurance. By joining a discount dental plan you’ll instantly qualify to visit select dentists and specialists within a network that perform dental care for discounts ranging from 10% as high as 60%. This is for major dental and preventive care.

So if you’re under the impression that the best dental plan is dental insurance, you may want to take a closer look at discount dental plans instead.

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4 Tips on Looking For the Best Dental Insurance Policy

Do you know that looking for the best dental insurance policy with good coverage and reasonable premium are important for you and your family especially during economy downturn? We are “forced” to purchase dental plan as all of us know that dental cost is increasing from time to time. Furthermore we are required to maintain our oral hygiene and smile most of the time. It will be a financial burden for us if we don’t have any dental coverage. Some people try to avoid dental cost by not visiting the dentists. But this is definitely not the right way. Take a positive approach by searching the best plan at the most affordable rate.

Here are 4 tips for evaluating a good plan:

1. Find out the monthly premium that you will have to pay for the plan. You need to make sure that you can afford for it. No point looking for comprehensive plans which are extremely expensive. Find out the total cost you need to bear if you have many family members.

2. Next, look at the deductible that you have to pay out from your own pocket. In general, all the deductibles that you have to pay for each procedure will be listed on the policies. There are some plans in the market that will only pay a percentage for each procedure. Moreover, it is important to pay highly attention to the annual maximum benefits when you need major dental work.

3. Read the clauses stated in the policies carefully, especially on the waiting times associated with dental related procedure.

4. Do thorough comparisons based on the premium as well as the benefits provided before you make final decision.

Healthy teeth and good oral health have great impact on our appearance. We must visit a dentist at least twice a year for proper care of teeth and oral cavities. By getting the best dental policy, we will have a peaceful mind to keep our teeth at tip top condition.

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Tips To Finding The Best Dental Insurance

It might seem obvious, but it needs to be said that the best dental insurance is not always the cheapest.

Sure, a $75-a-year individual dental plan might look like a bargain… until you see the 12-month waiting period, big deductibles and numerous treatment exclusions.

It’s better to pay a little more to get a little more from your dental plan – and that goes for both individual and family plans.

The best dental plans include some or all of the following features:

Short waiting times At the most, aim for a 3 to 6-month waiting time before treatment. Sad to say, only enhanced dental plans provided by your employer are likely to have a wait time of 3 months or less. If you don’t have a company plan, get plenty of quotes before signing up and don’t accept any plan with a 12-month wait.

Low deductibles $50 I can live with, but $100 or more is like toothache. Get the lowest deductible you can.

Good coverage Look for 80 to 90 per cent of basics like checkups, x-rays and cleaning and 60-80 per cent of fillings. Expect to get 50 per cent of crowns and root canals. Aside from composite or “white” fillings, most insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures like implants, teeth whitening and veneers.

Generous annual limit You really need a $1,500 limit (or more) if you can get it, because $1,000 does not go a long way these days – believe me. My last root canal and crown cost me almost $2,000. Add to the annual bill a checkup, x-rays, cleaning and a small filling and I ended up spending $2,400 for the year.

Remember, you’ll only get the best coverage if you get plenty of quotes and refuse to be pressed into making a hasty decision by some hard-selling salesperson.

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What Makes The Best Dental Insurance?

What makes the best dental insurance will vary from one person to another depending on what they wish to get from the cover and the cost of the policy itself. There are a number of different types of dental plans and insurance available on the market today so first we will have a look at how dental insurance and dental plans differ.

Dental insurance is like any other insurance policy you take out, in that you will pay for a policy (yearly or monthly) which covers either partially or in full the cost of various treatments. They will vary from company to company but the principal generally remains the same. A dental plan on the other hand provides discounts on certain treatments in return for a membership fee.

Standard insurance will tend to cover the more common treatments within a dentist and if it covers the type of treatment you expect to have in the future then it may be the best dental insurance for you.

However, in some circumstances the common dental treatment may not be what you’re looking for and instead you need something slightly different. A couple of examples of this, both of which are gaining in popularity year on year are Othodontic insurance and dental implant insurance.

Othodontic insurance covers work which maybe carried out to straighten the teeth. As this is seen by the insurance companies as being a personnel choice, a standard dental insurance policy won’t tend to cover the cost. The most common type of Orthodontic treatment is the fitting of a brace on the teeth to gently push them back into place. Over the last decade or so more and more companies have offered insurance policies to cover this type of work

Dental implant insurance has also become more popular over the last few years as more and more people look to cover this form of costly dental treatment. Having implants involves replacing the root of the tooth which is anchored into the jaw bone. This allows the implant to support either a fixed bridge or a denture.

As you can see which is the best dental insurance available will differ from person to person as the choice out there is so varied. The treatments covered and the cost need to be taken into account when deciding which policy will be best, but also you shouldn’t forget other factors such as full coverage and waiting periods which may need to be adhered to before any claim can be made.

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Key Steps on How to Compare the Best Dental Insurance Plans

There are many different types of dental insurance plans which are available in the market today which varies substantially in terms of the premium cost, plan coverage, benefits, waiting period etc, from one another. Most of the individual dental insurance plan tends to emphasize on the importance of preventive dental care, to save up for the high rising dental expenses nowadays.

Dental insurance plans can be categorized broadly by these key differences :
a. The dental care providers
b. Exceptional out-of-pocket expenses
c. How efficient and flexible these plans work
d. Who is the target customer
e. What are the different monthly premium for different plans

a. Choices of the dental Care Providers :
– Some insurance companies have their own collaborated chain of dental clinics which they partnership with. If your dental plan is from any of these companies, the policy holders can only visit and seek treatments from this list of dental clinics.

If you prefer to continue getting your dental treatments from your current dentist, you need to seek for other insurance company which allows their customers to have such privilege ; however they might charge a higher monthly premium for this case.

b. Exceptional Out of Pockets expenses :
– Some insurance plan does not cover all the basic dental treatments. That’s why the monthly premium for their plan is much lower as compared to other companies. For such case, the policy holder will need to pay out of the pocket for those additional dental treatments taken, but have not being covered in the dental plan they have enrolled. This inevitably caused some of them having to pay more money than what they might be paying if they choose for a highly premium dental plan which covers all the necessary basic dental treatments in the first place.

– Only you yourself can tell the right plan for your own needs, therefore please be cautious and remember your main criteria when plan selection is made. The key here is not to choose the cheapest insurance plan, or any famous insurance company, the key is to make sure the plan you bought is ready to cover what you urgently need for now and the future.

c. How effective each plan works :
– With a traditional plan, you pay a periodic premium and receive benefits such as 80-100% of your dental costs covered. The reimbursable amount is made on a “fee-for-service type ” basis, which means that a set amount is reimbursed based on the type of dental treatment received.
– With Dental Reimbursement Plan – With this plan, you have to pay for your dental treatment first, then bring the receipt to your employer where they will reimburse you up to a specified limit.
– with dental Discount plans, one would get a specific discount on the dental services they received from any of the dental clinic in the participating discount plan . Discount plan require the member to pay for an enrollment fee and a basic monthly fee to be liable for the discount plan.

d. Who is the target customer :
– One need to define clearly if you need an insurance plan specifically for yourself, for the family or for the group ( such as a company ). The premium and the overall plan coverage vary substantially between one another.

e. What is the monthly premium :
– One of the key factor most people tend to look for when selecting a dental plan is the amount of the monthly premium. Theoretically, the higher the premium, the better the insurance coverage. However, one need to understand that they should not be basing on the amount of the monthly premium alone to decide their dental plan but to review what kind of services and treatments are covered in each of these insurance plan and select the one which best fit your needs.

– When shopping for individual, family or group dental insurance quotes, always remember the key criteria key criteria which need to prioritized. example : for individual, one might be more concern on the basic treatments, whereas for the family, one might wanted to get a plan which cover more orthodontic treatments as your family might required them. Lastly, for group, it is the premium which matter most as company normally will offer basic plan for basic dental treatments only.

There is no one “best” insurance plan for everyone. Some plan definitely works better for you and your family than others. Some plans will require a certain co-payment for services, or meet a specific deductible before the dental insurance company begins payment while others may limit coverage to a specific dollar-amount maximum per year.

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